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A bot for our office chat room.

Inspired by Zach Holman's post on Hubot - thanks :)


Some commands have their own dependencies, choose what you want to use.

Chat room

Currently it only interfaces with Party Chat (GTalk groups - via, but it'd be easy to turn it into an IRC or Jabber bot.

What can she do?

Remind you of coffee time:

Export from an SVN repository:

Set simple timers:

Search twitter:

Search Google Places:

Answer enthusiastically to interesting questions:

Any commands that don't match anything are sent to Wolfram Alpha as a last attempt.

Other commands

  • say blah in 10 seconds (for creeping out people)
  • print (uses lpr/openoffice)
  • get someword from twitter
  • get 5 tweets from jamieoliver
  • get latest tweet by @zeldman
  • restart
  • reload (performs a git pull from this repo + restart)

New commands can be added to the /comands folder. Take a look at for a simple example.


  1. git clone to your favorite folder
  2. run npm install
  3. get a Wolfram Alpha API Key
  4. create a config.json file as shown below
  5. configure a hook with the pattern @florinda
  6. point the POST URL to her public server address
  7. forever start florinda.js -vs (will run on port 3333 by default)

Alternatively you can run it on the command-line with node florinda.js --cli without setting a webhook.

node florinda.js --help will show you all available options.


(defaults needed for the bundled commands)

    "key": "supersecretkey",
    "messageURL": "",
    "wolfram": {
    "svn": {
        "username": "user",
        "password": "12345",
        "url": "",
        "path": "/var/www/clients",
        "public": ""

Siga @grifotecnologia e @ricardobeat no twitter :)

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