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request = require 'request'
qs = require 'querystring'
fs = require 'fs'
module.exports =
# returns a random one from an array of strings
anyOf: (answers) -> answers[ Math.floor(Math.random() * answers.length) ]
# confirm some action
queued: []
confirm: (obj) ->
@queued.push obj #{ confirmMessage, cancelMessage, fn, args }
# detection patterns
patterns: {}
addPattern: (name, p) ->
if not @patterns[name]?
# allow single regular expression
if p.match instanceof RegExp
p.match = [p.match]
@patterns[name] = p
console.log "A pattern called #{name} already exists"
Act: class Act
constructor: (@answers = [], @phrases = []) ->
@line = 0
nextLine: (stage, user, respond) ->
if @line isnt stage
respond '...'
answer = @answers[@line].replace '$user', user
@line += 1
@line = 0 if @line >= @answers.length
respond answer
# reset line after 30 seconds
setTimeout (=> @line = 0), 15000
match: (input) ->
for phrase, i in @phrases when phrase.test input
return i
addAct: (name, act) ->
brain.addPattern name,
match: act.phrases
fn: (user, m, cb) -> act.nextLine m.index, user, cb
receive: (user, command, respond) ->
console.log "received command #{command}" if program.verbose
## clean-up command string
# removes link references added by iChat
command = command.trim().replace /\s?\<[^>]+\>/g, ''
matched = do =>
# confirmations
if brain.queued.length > 0
console.log command
if /^yes|yeah|sure|ok(\s\!\.;)*$/i.test command
service = brain.queued.pop()
florinda.say service.confirmMessage
service.fn?.apply null, service.args
return true
else if /^no|nope|not|cancel|stop(\s\!\.;)*$/i.test command
service = brain.queued.pop()
florinda.say service.cancelMessage or "Canceled."
return true
for own name, pattern of @patterns
for match, i in pattern.match
if matches = command.match match
matches.index = i
console.log "matched service: #{name}" if program.verbose
pattern.fn user, matches, respond
return true
return false
if not matched
brain.wolframSearch command, (answer) ->
return respond answer if answer
console.log "I couldn't understand #{command}" if program.verbose
respond brain.anyOf [
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"I have no idea what you are talking about."
"I wish I could understand you."
"I don't understand."
"What do you mean?"
"There's only so much I can do."
"You're annoying."
"Leave me alone."
"I like turtles."
"I don't feel like it."
"Sorry, I'm busy."
"Você gostaria de entrar para uma xicara de café?"
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