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Chef cookbook that manages Ubuntu/CentOS local users.
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Simple_Users cookbook


Chef cookbook to manage users.

Supported Platforms:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 (tested with Kitchen)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 was not tested however no ubuntu 16.04-specific commands are used here so it will probably work.
  • CentOS 7 (tested with Kitchen)
  • Redhat 7 (tested with Kitchen)


  • Set 'simple_users' as one of your dependencies
  • Include simple_users::default in any of your recipes, roles or environments.

Add Users:

Add a block to the default attribute containing each of the following to create a user:

  • name - Username.
  • fullName - Full name of your new user (may contain spaces).
  • passHash - Shadow-file hash of the desired password. The hash can be generated with the following commands:
openssl passwd -1 -salt xyz  yourpass
makepasswd --clearfrom=- --crypt-md5 <<< YourPass
  • sshPubKey - ssh public key string to add to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • action - create
  • sudo - yes/no. Adding/removing the user from the sudoers file.

Example of the default attribute file:

default['simple_users']['users'] = [
		'name' => 'usernam01',
		'fullName' => 'User01 Name',
		'passHash' => 'A_Long_HASH_String...',
		'sshPubKey' => 'ssh-rsa YourSSHPublicKey...',
		'myAction' => 'create',
		'sudo' => 'yes'
		'name' => 'usernam02',
		'fullName' => 'User02 Name',
		'passHash' => 'A_Long_HASH_String...',
		'sshPubKey' => 'ssh-rsa YourSSHPublicKey...',
		'myAction' => 'create',
		'sudo' => 'no'

Remove Users:

Add all the entries as mentioned above but put "remove" as the value of myAction.

		'name' => 'usernam03',
		'fullName' => 'User03 Name',
		'passHash' => 'A_Long_HASH_String...',
		'sshPubKey' => 'ssh-rsa YourSSHPublicKey...',
		'myAction' => 'remove'

Removing Users from Sudoers

Put 'no' in the 'sudo' section of your user.

Note that the above must be a part of the same default['simple_users']['users'] array.

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