Remote control is a generic mapping plugin for Unity3D with GUI support based on OSC.
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Remote Control for Unity (Stringless)


RCu focus on the user interface, thus, it depends upon UnityOSC developed by Jorge Garcia Martin for the communication layer. The UnityOSC is available for download at Compatibility with Unity versions 4 and 5 (Windows / Mac)


Remote Control is a generic mapping plugin for Unity3D with GUI support based on OSC (Open Sound Control). A simple and flexible interface that allows the control of object properties from other appliactions or devices and provides an easy way of exposing them to the outside via OSC. It allows to control of objects. The plugin is very easy to use, with just two steps: create a network port and add OSC send or receive objects. This plugin was developed as a part of a digital EcoSystem to connect and orchestrate digital data in real-time for performance animation, a digital puppetry environment. A set of Digital Puppet Tools (DPT) developed during a PhD research (UTAustin|Portugal / UPorto) on Digital Puppetry. The first release was in July 2015.


The goal of this plugin is to facilitate the way you map or connect objects. There is no need for coding, just attach the behavior to any object, camera, or light.

There are just 6 behaviors

  • RCInit: Initalization
  • RCPortOut: port Out (open OSC port for sending messages)
  • RCPortIn: port In (open OSC port for receive menages)
  • RCSender: send messages to the outside exposing properties
  • RCReceiver: receive messages from the outside that control the objects
  • OSCmanager: manages the OSC

Remote Control for Unity Video


Copy UnityOSC to Assets Folder or Download it from Copy the RemoteControl to your Assets Folder Copy Editor to Assets Folder


1-> Initialize Remote Control by dragging RCInit to any GameObject

2-> Setup your in or out port by dragging the RCPortIn or RCPortOut to any Gameobject on your scene and define a valid port (i.e. 7010)

3-> Establish the mapping between the action/object and the message by dragging the RCReceiver or the RCSender (RCReceiver: to control the object with a OSC message such as a TouchOSC fader from your Ipad)

Open OSC Helper window (Window->RemoteControl) to trace OSC in/out ports


*video: *mail: *web:


GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 See License.txt for more details.


This is still a beta version with many issues

  • only the animated parameters are sent
  • methods are limited to blend shapes
  • fields are not implemented yet!
  • some issues within the inspector of the OSCReceiver and OSCSender


  • Scale the mapping (include fields to scale values)
  • Identify incoming OSC messages (a learn button to capture the OSC address)
  • RCReceiver solve the offset problem
  • Optimize performance
  • Complete methods and fields