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stcgal - STC MCU ISP flash tool

stcgal is a command line flash programming tool for STC MCU Ltd. 8051 compatible microcontrollers.

STC microcontrollers have an UART/USB based boot strap loader (BSL). It utilizes a packet-based protocol to flash the code memory and IAP memory over a serial link. This is referred to as in-system programming (ISP). The BSL is also used to configure various (fuse-like) device options. Unfortunately, this protocol is not publicly documented and STC only provide a (crude) Windows GUI application for programming.

stcgal is a full-featured Open Source replacement for STC's Windows software; it supports a wide range of MCUs, it is very portable and suitable for automation.


  • Support for STC 89/90/10/11/12/15/8 series
  • UART and USB BSL support
  • Display part info
  • Determine operating frequency
  • Program flash memory
  • Program IAP/EEPROM
  • Set device options
  • Read unique device ID (STC 10/11/12/15/8)
  • Trim RC oscillator frequency (STC 15/8)
  • Automatic power-cycling with DTR toggle or a custom shell command
  • Automatic UART protocol detection


Install stcgal (might need root/administrator privileges):

pip3 install stcgal

Call stcgal and show usage:

stcgal -h

Further information


How to use stcgal

Frequently Asked Questions

List of tested MCU models


stcgal is published under the MIT license.

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