Evaluates PhysX, Havok and Bullet engine.
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This is an old project of mine. It's the artefact of my final year project from the BSc course I completed a few years ago.

The original info file: This is C++ based and uses some OOP. I used OpenGL for rendering and Anttweakbar for the UI.

The goal of the project was to evaluate different physics engines. I implemented PhysX, Bullet and Havok in one application, which made it possible to compare them easily. You can read about my findings here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxc2hRv1Yzs-UC1uM3I2bDI1aGc/view

In order to keep the file size small (and for legal reasons as I can't redistribute PhysX and Havok libraries) I have removed all the PhysX, Bullet and Havok libraries.

The "Development" folder consists of the source code. The executable is in "Build\Release".

Controls: LMB and Mouse Scroll.