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Grijjy Deployment Manager

The Grijjy Deployment Manager (DeployMan) is a tool to simplify the deployment of files and folders for iOS and Android apps written in Delphi. It is especially useful if you need to deploy a lot of files, such as 3rd party SDKs.


Allen Drennan has written some blog posts and created a CodeRage video about this tool:

Installation and Dependencies

If you don't need or want to build the tool yourself, then you can download the executable from the Releases page on GitHub.

To build the tool yourself:

> git clone --recursive

Make sure to clone the repository recursively, since it depends on a couple of other open source libraries:

  • The Neslib repository is a small base library used in various repositories by Erik van Bilsen.
  • The Neslib.Xml repository is used to load and save Delphi project (.dproj) files. For more information about this library, checkout the blog post An XML DOM with just 8 bytes per node.
  • The Grijjy Foundation repository contains a lot of foundation classes and utilities. For the deployment manager, it is used primarily to load and save deployment settings to a JSON file.

If you don't clone this repository recursively, then you need to manually clone the dependent repositories and make sure to add them to your search path in Delphi.


Contributions are welcome! If you want to contribute, you can either create a pull request or become a member of the repository. To request push access, please send an email to erik-at-grijjy-dot-com or allen-at-grijjy-dot-com with the name of your GitHub account.


The Grijjy Deployment Manager is licensed under the Simplified BSD License.

See License.txt for details.