Building blocks for creating your own MVVM framework
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MVVM Starter Kit

We present a framework to help you get started separating user interface from code using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern.

It depends on the Grijjy Foundation repository. Make sure that GrijjyFoundation is in your library path (or otherwise at the same directory level as MvvmStarterKit).

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is with the following three blog posts. They provide an introduction to the MVVM pattern but also serve as a sort of programming guide:

  • MVVM Starter Kit (Part 1 of 3): introduces the MVVM pattern, presents a data binding framework, and talks about buildig the Models for a sample application.
  • MVVM Starter Kit (Part 2 of 3): focuses on ViewModels and how they can be unit tested.
  • MVVM Starter Kit (Part 3 of 3): ties everything together by looking at Views and how to bind them to ViewModels. Shows how you can build both a VCL and FMX version of the same application with a minimum amount of framework-specific code.