jquery plugin to convert number inputs into knobs that can be adjusted by dragging with mouse or fingers
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a jquery plugin to convert number input elements into turnable knobs that can be adjusted by cyclic dragging with mouse or fingers - multi-touch is now supported!

##Demo Image of jquery.knobby.js result (dark theme) Image of jquery.knobby.js result (light theme)

You'll find the demo files in the demo/ directory of the repository.


Load the Javascript file by including the script after jQuery has been included:

<script src="jquery.knobby.js"></script>

And also import the styles:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="jquery.knobby.light.css">

The appearance of the plugin is fully customizable through CSS – you can add a background of your choice or generate a noise background for example. The stylesheets are intended as starting points rather than final states. For performance I recommend to simply add the styles to one of your already loading CSS files instead of linking it severally!


You need to have an input like the following

<input type="number" name="input_name" min="0" max="10" value="5" />

To convert all inputs with a type of number on a page to knobby-knobs use:


You can pass options to configure knobby - the numbers given are the default values:


##Options The following options can be served as attributes or passed as options - if both is present attribute wins.

attribute description type
min minimum knob value – must be smaller than the max-value float
max maximum knob value – must be larger than the min-value float
step the minimun change of the value; there should be an normal number of steps between min and max ((max-min)/step should result in an integer number) float
turn number of full circles from min to max float
size radius of the knob in em (relative to font-size) of .knobby-knob float
handleSize diameter of the handle in em float
handleGap gap between the outer border of the knob and the handle in em float