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x [issue]: Test the invoice activation in a proper way - not allowed in the Klarna 2.0 API (for some weird reason...)
* [feature]: Review/Implement something like: our_settype_integer, our_strip_string, our_settype_string (consider one generic method, e.g. parse(:price, value) - all validation/masking/casting in one place)
* [feature]: Ensure valid string format/stripping (e.g. SSN, etc) using regular expressions
* [feature]: Compare implementation with Klarna's new API 2.0
* [feature]: Ensure correct params datatypes are submitted (validation - consider generic method)
* [feature]: Klarna::DSL - wrapper DSL for less sucky integrations
* [feature]: Implement #get_pclasses method to export pclasses as hash (and maybe export to YAML?)
* [feature]: ActiveMerchant-integration (fork ActiveMerchant and add klarna as new gateway with "klarna-ruby" as dependency)
* [feature]: Finalize the rest of the specs for already implemented methods, commented out currently.
* [feature]: Implement Reservation methods
* [feature]: Bring back "examples/web" - probably not working at all now.
* [feature]: Rack middleware?
* [refactor]: Only load activesupport-extensions we actually use.
* [feature]: Mock XML-responses by default to avoid live API calls, but allow live calls using ENV['REMOTE]=true