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  • bug-fix: Removed debug line in v2.rails.js that will cause headache in non-Webkit browsers.
  • bug-fix: Duplication of validation declarations is now ignored, only first ones is used. No more infinite AJAX-requests caused by this.


  • refactor: DRYed up v2.rails.js a bit, with help of new method: v2.present().
  • enhancement: validates_uniqueness_of (or remote validations) implements allow_nil/allow_blank on client-side to avoid flickering validation messages, and unnecessary requests. They are both very fundamental input validation features so this makes sense, but of course this is easy to override in the future for custom validations but should work great for 9/10 cases at least.
  • bug-fix: remote-client (remote validations substitution validator) now got acceptEmpty set to false, because set to true cause remote validators to flicker a fail message on first attempt if the field is empty.
  • bug-fix: validates_uniqueness_of-message now uses the correct I18n key (:blank => :taken)
  • feature/enhancement: Auto-detect available ActiveRecord validations (validation hooks) instead of explicitly defining them. Easier to extend with non-core validations without any – or with minimal – effort.


  • enhancement: :allow_nil/:allow_blank now should work exactly as Rails core validations.
  • disabled feature: Explicit validation messages are temporarily ignored – re-structured the validator internals, and messages is a bit tricky to alter dynamically. TODO
  • refactor: refactored the validator internals
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