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Welcome to the wiki!

The wiki will contain information about the game, and the inner workings of the logic parser. The idea of "project lext" is to enable people to use blender as a level editor and event editor for their game projects in panda3d without having to struggle.

General Idea for the Game

A physics based puzzle game made in Panda3d.

The Player must collect items or parts in order to move to the next level. ("Key Cards" and "Fuse boxes" for the moment)
Key cards are for doors and other sensors. Cell boxes are like power cells, that's used to power certain things in the game same goes for fuses and other types that are needed to complete a circuit. For things like lifts, doors, lights etc. More different types will be added. The visual idea would be something cartoon shade; sci fi...

  • The character can pickup "Key Cards".
  • Fuse boxes can only be pushed around or moved via a device. Fuses can break, if not correctly setup. At the moment you get 3 sizes. s,m,l
  • Same as Fuse boxes, Cell boxes can only be pushed around or moved via a device. Cells supply a fixed amount of power/energy. At the moment you get 3 sizes aswell. s,m,l
  • A device can be placed by a player. The idea is that the player should be able to adjust the force/gravity of the device field. The player can only carry a certain amount of devices.
  • At a later stage the player will have a physics box creator gun aswell. In which the player could create objects to aid in whatever, depending on energy which the gun needs.
  • Possible AI.

General Idea for the Parser

Using blender as a world editor for your game. For Panda3D The Lext Project could just serve as a template I guess or something to play with, or something to strip and use what you feel you want.

I will make some type of guide to use all of this. soon...

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