Make a game in one week "Pyweek #21".
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The Little Drop

Forest Spirits of Hope

Make a game in one week for Pyweek #21. The theme is "The aftermath".


This game tells the story of little raindrop spirits on their journey to reforest a wood in the aftermath of a big fire blaze. It's your task to guide him through the forest, collect and plant seeds and see the forest regrow. Some plants can even be used as bridges to other areas of the forest. Throughout your way, you will meat other droplings, make sure to listen what they say as some might even help you on your journey. Finally, in the end, you might even get the chance to see the forests spirit himself.

This game was made using the Panda3D game engine


To get the game running, you need to install the Panda3D SDK version 1.9.1 which you can get from:

Running the game

if you like to run the game from source, simply call the following from within the game directory: