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Bleeding edge version


Created on 2022/05/18, 11:16 UTC by @awvwgk with commit 75575f4.
This is an automated distribution of the latest xtb version. This version is only minimally tested and may be unstable or even crash. Use with caution!

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Many thanks to Christian Hölzer (@hoelzerC), Albert Katbashev (@Albkat), Jeroen Koopman (@JayTheDog), Hagen Neugebauer (@haneug), Felix Pultar (@pultar), Thomas Rose (@Thomas3R), Jordy Schifferstein (@Jordy-prog), Marcel Stahn (@MtoLStoN) for their contributions to this project and making this release possible.

New features

  • Implemented ORCA Hessian for thermo submodule (#504)
  • Add Oniom calculator (#573, #574, #577, #581, #578)
  • Use mctc library for geometry input / output, (#591, #594, #592)
    support QCSchema JSON, QChem molecule files and FHI-aims inputs
  • Allow printing of GFN-FF topology lists (#545, #570)
  • Add parameters for GFN1(Si)-xTB (#550)
  • Added C API option to call gradient calculations on point charges (#584)
  • Writing GFN-FF adjacency to output (#497)
  • Implement script driver (#579)
  • Reparametrization of Pt in Toluene for ALPB. (#524)

Bug fixes

  • Fix issues with structure converter (#604)
  • Catch out-of-bounds indexing for constraints (#602)
  • Don't check for existence of gfnff_topo (#595)
  • Fix hessian calculations for single atoms (#587)
  • Make sure to not allow filling more electrons than orbitals available (#526)
  • Fix overflow of array for long dynamics (#554)
  • Fix formatting in bond order printout (#544)
  • Fix duplicated key entry in JSON dump (#537)
  • Wrong cube sizing (#527)
  • Initialize number of electrons in SP calculation (#525)
  • Revert calculation of GFN-FF topological charges (#520)
  • Bump C standard to C11 for using _Generic (#623)


  • Add reference for ALPB and GBSA model (#502)
  • Use unit testing framework (#517)
  • Refactor CMake build files (#518)
  • Remove dead-code (symparam, symtrans) (#522)
  • Update meson build options (#533)
  • Update handling of charges in GFN-FF (#558, #609)
  • Refactoring of external drivers (#568, #582)
  • Add hessian calculation to calculator type (#569)
  • Cleanup printout of spin (#576)
  • Use iso_c_binding for building signal handlers (#622)

New Contributors

  • Christian Hölzer (@hoelzerC) made their first contribution in #497
  • Jordy Schifferstein (@Jordy-prog) made their first contribution in #527
  • Albert Katbashev (@Albkat) made their first contribution in #574
  • Felix Pultar (@pultar) made their first contribution in #584

Full Changelog: v6.4.1...v6.5.0


source linux windows

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Bugfix and maintenance release, some new features sneaked in here as well (COSMO solvation model).

Thanks to Marcel Stahn (@MtoLStoN), Sebastian Spicher (@sespic), Christoph Plett (@cplett), Cyrille Lavigne (@clavigne) and Miguel Steiner (@steinmig) for contributing to this version.

  • Bugfix: topological charges in GFN-FF are now calculated correctly (#462) 🪲
  • Bugfix: projector matrix is now setup correctly in xtb-thermo subprogram (#441) 🪲
  • Bugfix: more stable parallelisation of numerical differentation (#465) 🪲
  • Bugfix: caching logic in Turbomole runner is fixed (#448) 🪲
  • Bugfix: transcription errors in (unused) STO-NG tables fixed (#464) 🪲
  • consistent solvent names for hexane (#436)
  • threadsafe caching for GFN-FF neighbourlists and charges (#467)
  • hessian projection of fixed atoms works now for L-ANCopt (#433)
  • COSMO solvation model for xTB (#274, #450)
  • Turbomole runner will use aoforce instead of numerical differentiation (#470)
  • reduced memory footprint for integral evaluation (#473)
  • cleanup test names for meson build (#460)
  • spurious warning for --parallel option fixed (#457)
  • turn unconverged SCF into actual error (#485)
  • fix keyword documentation for ESP grid file (#489)

source linux

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Feature release with new GPU acceleration, improved ALPB parameters, better optimizer settings and options, and general performance improvements for GFN1-xTB and GFN2-xTB.
Thanks to Sebastian Spicher (@sespic), Marcel Müller (@marcelmbn), Hagen Neugebauer (@haneug), Thomas Rose (@Thomas3R), Marcel Stahn (@MtoLStoN), Julius Stückrath (@jbstueckrath), Patrick Atkinson (@patrickatkinson), Cyrille Lavigne (@clavigne) and Igor Gerasimov (@FulgurIgor) for contributing to this version.

  • Bugfix: Basename detection failed for paths with path delimiter (#362) 🪲
  • Bugfix: FOD flag (--fod) did not set electronic temperature correctly (#382) 🪲
  • Bugfix: Sign error in unbiased hessian calculation (#388) 🪲
  • Bugfix: IR intensities were calculated incorrectly from dipole gradients (#395) 🪲
  • Bugfix: Fix out-of-bounds access for basis set in IPEA-xTB calculations (#399) 🪲
  • Bugfix: Commandline interface for sequential build was inconsistent with OpenMP build (#421) 🪲
  • Bugfix: Point charge embedding was not initialized correctly and skipped embedding calculations (#422) 🪲
  • Bugfix: Negative charges were detected as command line flags (#423) 🪲
  • Improved 2D to 3D conversion with GFN-FF (#351)
  • GPU version of xtb is available with Nvidia HPC SDK (#342, #352, #407, #420)
  • Backports of performance improvements from GPU routines to CPU implementations (#425)
  • Allow adjusting of spring exponents in distance constraints (#357)
  • Allow scaling of dispersion energies / gradients for the GFN-FF (#359)
  • Improved ALPB implicit solvation parameters (#372, #387)
  • Turbomole driver now attempts to cache results via gradient file (#377)
  • Adjusted optimization threshold for level “lax” for Turbomole DCOSMO-RS driver (#383)
  • Allow reading static RMSD bias from file (#390)
  • Use averaged convergence scheme in L-ANCopt and RF-ANCopt to deal with noisy energy surfaces (#394)
  • Refactored hessian implementation to stabilize build and allow higher compiler optimization (#417)

linux linux

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Maintenance and bugfix release.
Thanks to @haneug, @MtoLStoN, @sespic, @pprcht, @Thomas3R, @susilehtola and @timostrunk for contributing to this version.

  • ALPB solvation model has internal parameters now (new default)
  • --alpb/--gbsa gas/vac will not enable the solvation model
  • MTD can now use a static ensemble for RMSD bias as well
  • MTD time constant can be adjusted from input
  • MOPAC interface can now read dipole moments
  • new --bhess runtype to get hessians on non-equilibrium structures
  • Allow adjusting the imag. cutoff for thermo ($thermo/imagthr=real)
  • Allow scaling of frequencies in thermo ($thermo/scale=real)
  • Allow scaling of complete hessian ($hess/scale=real)
  • --json flag to enable dumping xtbout.json
  • Bugfix: Several workarounds for the NVIDIA compilers (former PGI) 🪲
  • Bugfix: Workaround GCC crashing on empty environment variables 🪲
  • Bugfix: Fixed non-deterministic failure of GFN-FF with GCC compilers 🪲
  • Bugfix: Charges are now handled correctly in PDB case 🪲
  • Bugfix: MOPAC interface reads total energy now from HEAT_OF_FORMATION 🪲
  • Bugfix: Fix error in GFN-FF torsion potential (new GFN-FF 1.0.2 version) 🪲
  • Bugfix: SDF input did not work with total charge in GFN-FF 🪲
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Maintenance and bugfix release. Many thanks to @pprcht, @susilehtola and @felixmusil for contributing to this release.

  • Bugfix: Reference occupations for GFN2-xTB were incorrect for d-block elements 🪲
  • Bugfix: CT file charges were not read correctly 🪲
  • Bugfix: The loader API functions for xTB parameters did ignore the optional parameter files 🪲
  • Bugfix: Wigner-Seitz cell generation was erroring on certain architectures 🪲
  • Bugfix: OMP parallelisation of Hessian was not working with solvation models 🪲
  • Bugfix: Turbomole gradient file is written with $gradient but should be $grad 🪲
  • updated metadynamics pathfinder
  • ALPB model is now available
  • Failed geometry optimizations are now rescued to perform a final diagnostic SP before stopping the xtb run
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Maintenance and bugfix release.

  • Bugfix: Total charge was not used in GFN-FF 🪲
  • Bugfix: Error handling in GBSA was not returned correctly 🪲
  • Bugfix: Copy mode overwrite of coordinate input 🪲
  • Bugfix: Negative charge was recognized as command line flag 🪲
  • Bugfix: Scan mode was not working correctly 🪲
  • Bugfix: GBSA energy was added twice for GFN-FF 🪲
  • Bugfix: Fix parallelisation issues in build (binary includes acf1ac7) 🪲
  • Logic for MKL linking has been reworked
  • PGI Compiler is now supported for builds with meson
  • Support for GCC 10.1 added

Please check version header for the correct version: 6.3.1-r1!

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Feature release with a novel method, new runtypes and more periodic boundary conditions. Many thanks to Sebastian Spicher (@sespic) for contributing to this release.

  • Bugfix: missing symmetry numbers for S4, S8, T, Th and O 🪲
  • Bugfix: D4-ATM gradient for GFN2-xTB was slightly off 🪲
  • new format for the parameter files for the xTB Hamiltonians
  • GFN-FF implemented (see DOI: 10.1002/anie.202004239)
  • 2D to 3D structure conversion for 2D connection tables in (sdf/mol)
  • improved defaults for optimizer (RF based for less than 500 atoms, L-BFGS based otherwise)
  • GFN1-xTB available under periodic boundary conditions
  • new identifier system for the input
  • new submodule: info, thermo, topo
  • first stable C-API version (1.0.0)
  • Deprecation: Python API has been migrated to
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Maintenance and bugfix release. Thanks to Christoph Bannwarth (@cbannwarth) and Jan Unsleber (@nabbelbabbel) for contributing to this release.

  • Bugfix: JSON dump did not return correct version number 🪲
  • Bugfix: Sign error in printout for GFN1-xTB Mulliken charges 🪲
  • Bugfix: PDB charges were not written correctly in PDB output 🪲
  • Bugfix: SRB strain derivatives were wrong 🪲
  • Bugfix: EEQ returns correct energy for one atom systems 🪲
  • The error handling has been completely reworked
  • Improved implementation of CM5 charges
  • Analytical gradients for the Halogen-bond correction
  • Benzene is now available as synonym for toluene for GFN2/GBSA
  • Massively improved C-API
  • Gaussian external input and output formats
  • CMake support for building xtb
  • GCC support for building xtb with both meson and CMake

This release is API compatible to version 6.2.2

Addendum: otool_xtb bash script to fix incompatibility of this release with the Orca 4.2.1 interface

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Maintenance, bugfix and hotfix release.

  • configuration scripts are back in xtb
  • pkg-config file is now available
  • DFTB+ genFormat is supported as geometry input
  • additional check to prevent calculations on invalid geometry input
  • RF-Optimizer will not read hessian file by default anymore (now really)
  • GFN0-xTB can now be correctly requested from the $gfn group
  • Thermodynamic functions will not attempted to be calculated for T=0K anymore
  • Bugfix: periodic GFN0-xTB used wrong i-i' D4 dispersion interactions

This release is API compatible to version 6.2.1