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Analysis of GitHub Stargazers' location Data. See their country distribution.
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1. Create (OAuth) Access token.

Without this, the rate limit of GitHub API (v3) is 60 per hour. There is no exact number for v4 but should be similar.

One way is to create a OAuth app (server), then print the token information, ref:

But a more convenient way is to get the token on GitHub Web UI, just follow the link, In this step Select the scopes, or permissions, you'd like to grant this token, you do not need to select any scopes/permissions since this project is to read other people's public repositories' information.

2. run built index.js to use GitHub v4 GraphQL api to fetch data

  1. Install TypeScript compilers. Ref:
  2. In project root folder, type tsc to get built JavaScript (index.ts->index.js) in build folder. Or you can use VS Code to build it. (Tasks->Run Build task)
  3. execute index.js. Or you can use VS Code Debug to launch it.

After a while, you will get facebook-react.json etc.

3. Use Python geocoder package to identify each Stargazer's country

Enable paid version of Google API

geocoder can use many providers and Google should be the best one. However there is a free quota to use Google API, 2500 requests/day. Since our taget number exceeds this one. So I choose to enable the paid version of Google API. Finally I paid $68 for rough 140,000 requests (= stargazers), 1 request for 1 stargazer.

Get the Google API key


Fill it in .env file, e.g.


Execute the following Python script

from analysis import Analysis
cc = Analysis()

It will take many hours. Then you will get facebook-react-country.json etc.

4. Drow the bar charts.

Run the following script, and it will show the chart result in a new browser tab.

from analysis import Analysis
cc = Analysis()

Why GitHub v3 API is not used

Since the response of the following v3 API used to get stargazers does not include location field. It only return the list of the stargazer account. We need to query each stargazer to get the location field. v4 GraphQL can let develoeprs to specifiy which fileds we need and get all the information in 1 request.
GET /repos/:owner/:repo/stargazers
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