Python based flask based SSE implementation of multiplayer cards against humanity for online and offline users
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An open source flask based implementation of multiplayer cards against humanity for online and local users.

Current state

Currently, We have implemented a basic login, then it goes straight into a game for now You can see your hand, and who the czar is. Other than that, the game logic is on the way, I need to write a new way of simulating the game logic and then add a web viewer and client that can do everything through websockets later.


See requirements.txt


I'm attempting to create a system that allows you to run an entire game on the server, with clients connecting via any browser to play, similar to 'You Don't Know Jack' from JackBox games, but for the card game Cards Against Humanity. Being able to run your own client locally is the main focus for now, there's some work made towards an online , account based website. But I'd rather get the game working locally for now and then worry about making several games work at once.


  • Abstract the game logic of Cards Against Humanity from the web server, so other ways of starting and playing can be implemented.
  • Create a web client that allows for local network play.
  • Create a web service for managing games and players, allowing for online play after logging in to an account, and connecting to game servers running online.
  • Deck builder! User generated decks are a good idea I really hope to support in the future.

Realistic, smaller scoped TODO:

  • Make a new web server just for interfacing with the game logic and running a game locally for people on the same server, no account stuff, just load up, connect players, enter your name and go.
  • Finish the game logic
  • Make a Python Programmers Against Humanity Deck for testing!

Consult the 'plan' folder for a rough idea of the overall design, and a mockup image of the web ui.

What is Cards Against Humanity?

A card based party game for horrible people with simple rules and amusing cards.

So what are the rules?


See LICENSE.txt, I have licensed the source under the MIT license.