Another Unity Project, Experimenting with enemy movement patterns mostly and bullet-hell style bullet patterns, will see how this goes...
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Goodbye Earthlings!

formally known as SimpleShmup

Goodbye Earthlings! is my attempt at making a SHMUP (Shoot-em-up) style game for PC , using Unity Engine 5, while following common genre conventions of popular games in the genre such as Dodonpachi or Touhou.

  • Vertical Scrolling
  • Simple, clean sprite based art (Not final art)
  • Limited inputs for simplistic design (Directions, Focus, Fire, and Capture laser.
  • A collectible based special weapon where you charge a enemy capturing tractor beam aimed by laser.




  • Multiplayer stubs put in. works with multikeyboard or whatever you can map in the unity launcher, or multiple xbox game pads.
  • Controls for gamepads in single player too, where you can use the stick or the dpad , and A,B,X to shoot, capture and focus.
  • Laser Charge based on collectibles now. working on making them generate on kill and head to the players based on distance and move towards the players.
  • Main Menu implemented and basic setting menu.


Clone the repo, and open the project in Unity 5.3. Main scene for development so far is "Level1.unity" Enable and disable components and prefabs in the scene for testing , currently everything isn't placed in the scene, just the latest entity being tweaked, design will start in the level when all types are finalised for Level1 at least.


I'm developing this on my own, but if you understand my setup and feel like contributing, i'll gladly discuss with you the current plans and respect input from advice, pull requests, assets, and more.


  • Design more bullet types and create pools for them.
  • Specify Level walkthroughs and finalise design to lock in spec.
  • Complete Level 1 for alpha version milestone


All code where not-specified ownership to others is my own and all rights are reserved.