Grin Mining Pool
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What it is:

An Open Source Mining Pool for Grin MimbleWimble Cryptocurrency Implementation

How to try it:

The architecture:

  • Stateless Microservices

The components:

  • Pool Stratum Proxy: Rust
  • Pool data processing jobs: Python3/SQLAlchemy
  • Pool API: Python3/Flask/gunicorn
  • Pool Web UI: NodeJS/Electron/Bootstrap/React
  • Database: MariaDB/Redis
  • Build/Packaging: Docker
  • Deploy: gcloud Kuberntests CLI
  • Orchestration: Kubernetes
  • Log collection: Splunk
  • Load Balancer/Certificates: NGINX/LetsEncrypt
  • Monitoring & Alerting: ?? NotYet (Icinga?)

To run the pool yourself: ansible/roles/pool/files/

To build use the Dockerfile in: stratum and grin-py

Current Status:

  • This project is under development, ~85% complete, and will be ready soon after grin mainnet launch
  • Please contribute!
  • Join the discussion on Gitter

Pizza and "beer" fund:

BTC 17Gmy9uhE6ziB1PzYT8MMY5A4va25dy3US

XMR 43i7q6hVrMdgY21RH7nMghSPA6s5jjGXDeEmLjL3pNFfD1XBYqf6hJpWVabfGJ5ydJKdaBjKdFvMe1kaKRj5w7Ao7q7mK8v