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gPay/gMeta (Grindery)

DAO Hackathon Submission for gPay/gMeta (Grindery)

GitHub Repository

GitCoin Submission

Short Pitch

DAOs waste time, money and headspace to manage payments and create reports. We provide DAO administrators with an easy to use, time saving tool to manage payments and produce trust-less reports for its members.

Video Demo


12th/Nov/21 for Gnosis integration for Grindery Pay (/grindery-pay directory) and gMeta (/grindery-utils and grindery-meta directory)

Wallet Address



Name: Tim Delhaes


Telegram: @edbong

Testing Instructions for Judges

Below you find detailed, step by step testing instructions. You can also watch this video instead.

Part 1

In this part of the demo you will learn how to use gPay to request payments and do batch payouts.

  1. Create yourself as a contact with one of your wallet addresses using this GForm

  2. Submit a request with one of your wallet addresses using this GForm

  3. Install gPay Chrome Extension

    At the time of submission, the latest build of gPay is in the review process for the Chrome WebStore, Therefore you'll need to install the extension manually

    3.1 Download the hackathon build (zip file) from

    3.2 Unzip the shared downloaded zip file, it will create a directory named "grindery-pay-2021.12.10-0.3.21“

    3.3 Navigate to chrome://extension (type into address bar)

    3.4 Enable "Developer mode" in the top right corner

    3.5 Click the "Load unpacked" button and select the extension directory ("grindery-pay-2021.12.10-0.3.21")

    NOTE: The current version in the Chrome WebStore is missing some features, please use instructions above to test

  4. Go to this gSheet

  5. Pin the gPay Extension (for fast and access)

  6. Switch your network to “Rinkeby Test Network” in Metamask

  7. Open gPay Extension (over gSheet)

  8. Connect the gSheet "Grindery Demo DAO Wallets"

  9. Review Contacts and Payment Requests in gPay.

  10. Create a second payment request for yourself (or somebody else) in gPay

  11. Create batch payment and pay it with your wallet, Gnosis or Aragon

  12. From here you can proceed to Aragon or Gnosis or simply skip to part 2.

Part 2

In this part of the demo you will see how to query gMeta to get transactional metadata for payments in process or already executed by the DAO.

  1. Go to Gnosis Safe Demo Safe / 0x0384F52f5c240293b0C67DCf32946148d0171d64

  2. Open transaction queue to see pending transaction

  3. Click on "View Details in Grindery" to see metadata

  4. Go to history of transactions

  5. Click on "View Details in Grindery" to see metadata

Development Instructions

This repo contains code for 3 components in 3 directories


Here you can find the source code and build instructions for the gPay extension


Here you can find the source code and usage instructions for a shared utility library that used by gPay and gWork (and in the future other projects) to publish transaction metadata to IPFS and initiate it's indexing for complex queries.

This utility library has also been published on npm


Here you can find the source code and deployment instructions for the indexing service which allows other components to run complex queries


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