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(:use the-little-clojurer.preface))
(def lat? ; define => def
(fn [l] ; lambda => fn, also arguments are declared in a vector [] and not a list ()
(cond ; Clojure's cond has far fewer parenthesis
(empty? l) true ; #t => true, #f => false
(atom? (first l)) (lat? (rest l)) ; No tail calls on the JVM, unlike in Scheme, this call consumes stack
:else false))) ; :keywords resolve to themselves and are interned, keywords are truthy, else is just convention
(defn lat? ; defn is syntactic sugar for def + fn
(cond ; Cond requires an even number of pairs
(empty? l) true
(atom? (first l)) (recur (rest l)) ; recur is Clojure's solution for optimized self tail-recursion
:else false)) ; If no clauses match, cond returns nil
(defn member?
[a lat]
(empty? lat) false
:else (or (= (first lat) a)
(recur a (rest lat))))) ; or is a macro and expands at compile time, doesn't look like a tail call but it is