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Grinnell Plans

Interested in helping out? More information in the Getting Started Guide!


  1. Install git.

  2. Install Ruby & Rails.

  3. Bundler will manage the gems for the project

    gem install bundler


    sudo gem install bundler
  4. Checkout the project

    git clone
    cd GrinnellPlans
  5. Install the gems that are specified in Gemfile

    bundle install
  6. Create the database and seed it with data

    rake db:setup

Rails Project Tasks

  • Start the server

    ./bin/rails server

    Open the app in a browser at localhost:3000. You can log in with any of the accounts listed in the seeds. The password is the same as the username for all development accounts.

  • Run the tests:

    ./bin/rspec spec

    If you haven't made any changes, all the tests should pass, or else you have found a bug.

  • To use the Rails console (for debugging, playing with data, etc):

    ./bin/rails console
  • Check for code style violations from mean old Rubocop:

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