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Version 0.9.0 (in progress)
* C++11 compiler now required
* Minimum libMesh git hash for this release is: 2d9b8bc
* Minimum Antioch git hash is now: e17822d
* Use factory pattern for DiffSolver, now support
specifying DiffSolver type in inputfile,
add support for libMesh::PetscDiffSolver
* Refactor thermochemistry input options parsing.
See for details. Backward
compatibility with the input file will be maintained
for one release.
* Add Full support for Antioch XML parser for parsing
Antioch thermochemistry and transport data
* Update Cantera transport to respect transport model
specified in the XML file.
* Updated ozone_flame example with run scripts for both
Antioch and Cantera versions. Also updated to illustrate
overriding input options on the command line and AMR
for the final step.
Version 0.8.0
* Minimum libMesh git hash for this release is: 8be0a4e
* Substantial internal refactoring of Variables handling
* Updated parsing of Variables
* Now support subdomain-restricted variables; includes conjugate
heat transfer example illustrating usage
* Add SPGSM stabilization Physics for reacting low Mach Navier-Stokes
Include Ozone flame example illustrating usage
* Add RayfireMesh class
* New constraint functionality to supply simple constraints on variables
from input file
* Can now override input file options from the command line
* Added GRINS::Runner and initializer classes to simplify construction
of standalone GRINS-based programs
* Removed GRVY
* Moved CachedValues interface to Physics
* Refactor Antioch interface to increase Antioch thermo, transport
feature usage
* New QoIs include:
- IntegratedFunction
- SpectroscopicAbsorption
- Specialization of IntegratedFunction. Uses new HITRAN
data structures
Version 0.7.0
* Complete refactoring of material property parsing. Old
style is deprecated. See examples, master input file for
a description of the new style.
* Complete refactoring of Variable parsing and internal
object construction. Old style is deprecated. See examples,
master input file for a description of new style. Expect
the old style to be unsupported soon after 0.7.0 release.
* Refactoring in progress for SolverOptions. Except further
changes to input parsing for SolverOptions.
* Refactoring ErrorEstimation parsing and construction. See
examples master input file for a description of new style.
* Complete refactoring of BoundaryCondition parsing and construction.
Old input style is deprecated. See examples, master input file
for a description of new style. In particular, for Neumann
boundary conditions, all fluxes are assumed to *positive outward*
in the new format.
* Added support for using multiple instances of the same Physics.
See examples, master input file for a description.
* Added support for second order-in-time problems, including
Physics::damping_residual and libMesh::NewmarkSolver.
* Minimum version of Antioch is now 0.4.0
* Added support for Antioch's MixturedAveraged, KineticsTheory
models. This is still experimental.
* Further developments on parameter management/parsing for
sensitivity calculations.
* Better error checking for PressurePinning.
* Support for varying numerical Jacobian h values from input.
* Boost is now *optional*. If your compiler supports C++11,
that will be preferred. If it does not, then we will fallback
to Boost. This is specifically for shared_ptr.
* Updated testing infrastructure, including support for CppUnit.
* Added support for output of 'base_velocity' in averaged_fan
* Added scalar parsed qoi regression test case.
* Complete refactoring of Physics construction.
* Use libMesh::UniquePtr instead of libMesh::AutoPtr
* Much internal refactoring.
* Increased error checking, testing throughout.
* New Physics include:
- RayleighDamping
- ConvectionDiffusion
* New QoIs include:
- WeightedFlux
- ParsedBoundary
* New examples include:
- SpalartAllmaras Airfoil
- Time-dependent AMR (ConvectionDiffusion Physics)
Version 0.6.1
* Updated regression tests for Antioch 0.2.1 critical bugfix
in constant Lewis diffusion model
* GRINS now requires at least Antioch 0.2.1 (although Antioch
is still optional)
Version 0.6.0
* Refactored SplitString function and renamed split_string.
String utilities now in StringUtilities namespace.
* Bugfix for variable index initialization. Now if a variable
doesn't get properly initialized, an assert should be thrown.
* Bugfix for axisymmetric case of ReactingLowMachNavierStokes
* New SpalartAllmaras turbulence Physics (thanks to Vikram Garg).
* New ParameterManager capability in development. In conjunction
with computing parameter sensitivities. This is still experimental.
* Fixes for viscosity handling in some stabilization classes.
* Added LIBMESH_RUN capability to test suite. Now, test suite
can be run with MPI.
* Added new SourceFunction Physics for specifying source functions
from the input file (as opposed to manually subclassing).
* Refactored Simulation constructor to take GetPot/command line
object. Previous constructor is deprecated.
* Bug fix in postprocessing
* Refactored mesh specification section of input file. Previous
specification is deprecated. Added example input file in examples.
* Added velocitypenalty2 + velocitypenalty3, to support 3d constraints
* Added 'continue_after_max_iterations' option to parser
* Added velocitypenalty2 + velocitypenalty3, to support 3d constraints
* Added unused input variable detection. Errors by default for any
detected unused input variables.
* Fix for FlowVariables parsing
* Symmetry boundary conditions for ElasticMembrane
* Bugfixes for mixed ElasticMembrane/Cable case, added regression test
* Refactoring of ElasticCable, HookesLaw for better 1D support
Version 0.5.0
* Last GRINS version to support libMesh 0.9.4, future versions will
require libMesh >= 1.0.0
* Refactored viscosity and conductivity handling to support using
* Complete refactoring of postprocessing
- Now each Physics registers its own postprocessing variables
* Added ElasticMembrane and ElasticMembraneConstantPressure Physics
- Supports two-dimensional manifolds
- Templated around the stress-strain law
- Have implemented Hooke's law and incompressible hyperelastic materials
- Compressible materials supported, but no explicit stress-strain laws yet
- Example/tests include stretched elastic sheet (displacement controlled) and
an inflating sheet under constant pressure
- Jacobians/derivatives implemented
- Some boundary condition support
* Complete refactoring of postprocessing
- Now each Physics registers its own postprocessing variables
* Added ElasticCable and ElasticCableConstantGravity Physics
- Supports one-dimensional manifolds
- Currently only supporting Hooke's law
- Jacobians/derivatives included
* Updated Doxygen generation to better include all code documentation
* Variety of bugfixes
Version 0.4.0
* Moved to GitHub between 0.3.0 and 0.4.0
* GRINS is now released under LGPL 2.1.
* Requiring libMesh 1.0.0 prerelease version.
* New Physics classes:
- HeatConduction
- ReactingLowMachNavierStokes
- AveragedFan
- AveragedTurbine
- ScalarODE
- VelocityDrag
- VelocityPenalty
- BoussinesqBuoyancyAdjointStabilization
- BoussinesqBuoyancySPGSMStabilization
* Added infrastructure for caching values at quadrature points and
a list of libMesh::Points.
* Added more modularized postprocessing support.
* Simulation is now subclassable.
* CatalyticWall boundary conditions (for ReactingLowMachNavierStokes)
* Several new examples for new Physics capabilities
* Better handling of axisymmetric cases
* Interface to Antioch thermochemistry library (0.2.0 or greater required).
* Limited interface to the Cantera chemistry library
* Added MeshAdaptive solvers (with contributions from Timo Van Opstal)
* ICHandler objects introduced, in analogy with the BCHandler objects
* Using AssemblyContext (subclass of FEMContext) in Physics
* Encapsulated variable handling in various *Variables classes
* CompositeQoI object to handle multiple QoIs
* SerialMesh vs. ParallelMesh now runtime selectable
* Support for ParsedFunction boundary and initial conditions
* Support libMesh when compiled with LIBMESH_DIM == 2
* Forward compatibility updates for Automake
Version 0.3.0
* Object construction refactored to use Factory patterns.
* SimulationBuilder added to make Simulation more extensible.
* Add general_heat_flux boundary condition for HeatTransfer physics.
* Added versioning mechanism, including installed grins_version executable.
* Added input option for forcing numerical Jacobians for all physics.
* Using libMesh::DirichletBoundary objects to enforce Dirichlet boundary conditions.
* Added NBCContainer object in similar spirit to DBCContainer for constructing boundary
condition objects.
* "inflow" boundary condition type was renamed to "general_velocity"
* Low Mach formulation of Navier-Stokes added (variable-density formulation).
* PeriodicBoundary capability added.
* Uniform refinement capability, both from fresh start and restart, added.
* Added "adjoint" type stabilization for IncompressibleNavierStokes and HeatTransfer.
* Added GaussianProfile boundary condition.
* Added HeatTransferSource physics.
* Make enable-silent-flags the default for the build system.
* Bootstrap now uses autoreconf.
* Stokes physics class added.
* Subdomain id capability added so different Physics can be used in different subdomains.
* ParabolicProfile boundary condition added.
* prefix_config.m4 used to prefix some build dependent variables.
* Include path for libMesh headers updated to newer version.
* GRINS headers installed to include/grins.
* QoI capability added through QoIBase and associated classes.
* AverageNusseltNumber QoI Added.
* Vorticity QoI added.
* GRINS::Solver now lives in GRINS::Simulation instead of MultiphysicsSystem.
* Headers cleaned up for preferring forward declaration where possible.
* config.h -> grins_config.h
* libMesh 0.9.0 now the minimum required version.
* parallel-tests option of Automake now the default.
* Fixed misnaming of component() in FEFunction-Base derived classes.
* Code coverage functionality added.
* HeatTransfer reorganized into class hierarchy for better reuse.
* GRINS now does not require the --enable-legacy-using-namespace option for libMesh.
* Updated autoconf macros for compatibility.
* Several bug fixes.
Version 0.2.0
* Include GPL licensing and auto-update header mechanism
* Designed MultiphysicsSystem class to interface with FEMSystem. Each physics
is implemented as a subclass of Physics.
* Implemented and tested the following physics: incompressible Navier-Stokes,
heat transfer (neglecting viscous dissipation), Boussinesq buoyancy, all with
their axisymmetric counter parts.
* Setup generic BoundaryConditions class for all physics classes to leverage for
implementing Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions.
* Incorporated Doxygen documentation and setup initial pages describing installation
and an example input file.
* Incorporated GRVY as an optional library to use for performance timing.
* Added capability for visualizing element residuals for each physics components,
both steady and unsteady.
* Code is stated to currently build and run with libMesh r4887.
Version 0.1.0
* GRINS::Solver now reads from an input file and initializes solver options
* Created GRINS::MeshManager class to handle operations on libMesh::Mesh objects
* GRINS::MeshManager reads options from an input file
* GRINS::Solver.solve() outline in place
* Stubs created in GRINS::LowMachNumberNavierStokesSystem class
* GRINS::Solver writes out mesh and system information via libMesh methods. Successfully tested with ExodusII
format and ParaView
Version 0.0.0
* autotools build system put in place
* links with libMesh
* links with GRVY
* local code within GRINS namespace
* using GetPot input parser (from libMesh)
* using timers from GRVY library