A very functional personal financial management program with a reasonable set of homefinance features
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Grisbi is a personal accounting application released under the GNU GPL v2 license.

Grisbi is an application written by French developers, so it perfectly respects French accounting rules. Grisbi can manage multiple accounts, currencies and users. It manages third party, expenditure and receipt categories, budgetary lines, financial years, budget estimates, bankcard management and other information that make Grisbi adapted for associations.

The complete manual is available on line. The version that comes with the software is illustrated, but you can replace it by the non-illustrated version at any time, which is available for download on line.

Grisbi is free software, any contribution is welcome.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (http://www.openssl.org/).

Website : http://www.grisbi.org/

Bug reports : http://www.grisbi.org/bugsreports/

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