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Frequently Asked Questions


How to start Grisbi in another language?

If your macOS is configured to use a non English language (French or Japanese) but you want to have Grisbi in English do in a Terminal window:

$ defaults write org.grisbi.Grisbi AppleLanguages '("en-AU")'

See also "Is it possible to launch a program in a specific language?"

Mailing lists

For developers:

For users:

How to use a Grisbi file from version 1.1.x (or newer) with a previous version or Grisbi?

Open the account .gsb file using gedit (or equivalent editor) and replace the lines:




You may have to also update some Grisbi options.

How to build Grisbi?

If you want to (re)build Grisbi from the source code

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