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nodejs elasticsearch client over memcache
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nodejs elasticsearch client over memcache


To install the most recent release from npm, run:

npm install elasticsearch-memcache

To install the latest from the repository, run:

npm install path/to/elasticsearch-memcache

You need also the memcached plugin installed at your elasticsearch instance, take a look here elasticsearch memcached plugin installable over github elasticsearch-transport-memcached


var es = require("elasticsearch-memcache");

var client = new es({
    "host": "",
    "port": 11211
}, function(){

    client.set("/test/test/1", {
        "Lorizzle fo shizzle": "dolizzle sit amizzle",
        "consectetuer adipiscing": "elit.",
        "Nullam fo velit": "my shizz pizzle, suscipit quis, gravida vel, arcu.",
        "Pellentesque gangsta tortizzle.": "Sed eros. Fusce izzle dolor dapibus turpis tempizzle pimpin'."
    }, function(error, success){

        client.up("/test/test/1", {
            "Maurizzle ass away izzle turpis.": "Mofo izzle tortizzle.",
            "Pellentesque eleifend rhoncizzle boom shackalack.": "In bow wow wow shiznit platea dictumst."
        }, function(){

            client.get("/test/test/1", function(error, doc){


                client.get("/test/test/_search", {
                    "q": "Maurizzle"
                }, function(error, response){


client.on('error', function() {
  console.log('client error', arguments);

client.on('end', function() {
  console.log('client disconnected');


.get( key, ?GET_PARAMETER, callback ) -> GET Request, get an document, indice, setting or something else over the API.

    es.get("/test/test/1", function(error, doc){ console.log(doc); })
    es.get("/test/test/1", { fields: "fieldkey1,fieldkey2" }, function(error, doc){ console.log(doc); })
    es.get("/_stats", function(error, stats){ console.log(stats); })

.mget( docs, callback ) -> GET Request, collect multiple documents over one request
        "docs": [
            { "_index": "test", "_type": "test", "_id": 1 },
            { "_index": "test", "_type": "test", "_id": 2 },
    }, function(error, docs){})

.set( key, value, ?GET_PARAMETER, callback ) -> POST Request, can be an document, the indice settings or whatever over the API.
    es.set("/test/test/1", { "fieldkey1": "fieldvalue1", "fieldkey2": "fieldvalue2" }, function(error, success){})

.up( key, value, ?GET_PARAMETER, callback ) -> Update an document
    es.set("/test/test/1", { "fieldkey3": "fieldvalue3" }, function(error, success){})

.del( key, ?GET_PARAMETER, callback ) -> send DELETE Request, can delete and document indice or something else over the API
    es.del("/test/test/1", function(error, success){})

.quit(callback) -> quit connection

GitHub information

The source code is available at You can either clone the repository or download a tarball of the latest release.


For examples look in the example.js file. You can execute the examples using node.

$ node example.js
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