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The following is a list of people who have contributed to the
development of mod_python.
Anyone who has contributed code or otherwise made contributions that
were constructive to the development of the project may have his name
listed here. Note that the decision on whether a name goes on this
list or not is initially taken by me ( and that I
can be wrong. So if you feel that you should be credited as well, or
if you feel that you should not be listed, please e-mail me.
The names are listed alphabetically by last name.
Richard Barrett <>
Gary Benson <>
Stéphane Bidoul <>
Gregory Bond <>
Justin Erenkrantz <>
Damjan Georgievski <>
James Gessling <>
Mads Kiilerich <>
Jørgen Frøjk Kjærsgaard <>
Bob Ippolito <>
Miguel Marques <>
Robin Munn <>
Sean Reifschneider <>
Chris Trengove <>
Jarkko Torppa <>
Greg Stein <>
Dr. L.A. Timochouk <>
Gregory Trubetskoy <>
Sean True <>
Sebastian Tusk <>
Enrique Vaamonde <>
Dave Wallace <>
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