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Federated, ActivityPub-compatible social network with friends, walls, and (at some point in the future) groups.

At the moment, this is very far from being production-ready. Things may and likely will break.


Running directly on your server

  1. Install and configure MySQL
  2. Install maven if you don't have it already
  3. Build the jar by running mvn package and place the one with dependencies at /opt/smithereen/smithereen.jar
  4. Set up the native library (libvips and JNI bindings): pick a binary for your OS and CPU from prebuilt ones or build your own
  5. Fill in the config file, see a commented example here
  6. Create a new MySQL database and initialize it with the schema using a command (mysql -p smithereen < schema.sql) or any GUI like phpMyAdmin
  7. Run java -jar /opt/smithereen/smithereen.jar /etc/smithereen/ init_admin to create the first account
  8. Log into that account from your web browser, then configure the rest of the server settings from its UI

Using Docker

Copy Docker-specific config example to the project root directory as and edit it to set your domain. You can then use docker-compose to run both Smithereen an MySQL. You still need to configure your web server to reverse proxy the port 4567. Create the first account by running docker exec -it smithereen_web_1 bash -c ./smithereen-init-admin.


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