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Windmill theme for MkDocs

Outstanding mkdocs theme with a focus on navigation and usability, from Grist Labs.


  • Convenient navigation for larger documentation projects.
  • Retains state of the navigation menu across page transitions.
  • Search with term highlighting.
  • User may search in a quick dropdown or load results in a full page.
  • Default mkdocs theme within pages, including syntax highlighting.

Quick start

To install using pip:

pip install mkdocs-windmill

To use in mkdocs.yml:

theme: windmill

Note that it's important for there to exist a homepage, e.g. a top-level root element in mkdocs 1.0+:

  - Home:

Demo and documentation

More details are on this site generated with the Windmill theme:

  • Usage for more on installation and usage.
  • Customization for extra configuration options that Windmill supports.


If doing development on mkdocs-windmill, check it out with

git clone
cd mkdocs-windmill

There are Selenium browser tests, based on NodeJS. To set them up, first install Yarn, then from mkdocs-windmill checkout, run

cd tests
yarn install

You can run tests when you make changes as follows:

cd tests
MKDOCS_BINARY=<path-to-mkdocs-command> SELENIUM_BROWSER=chrome yarn test


Outstanding mkdocs theme with a focus on navigation and usability




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