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My LineageOS build script. Usage:

./build DEVICE

I use it to build for hammerhead (Google Nexus 5)

System requirements

This script is developed for Ubuntu 16.04 (and later). Older versions may work, but you may need to setup the toolchain manually.

See the LineageOS wiki for instructions (e.g. for the Nexus 5 device:

The build script is currently hardcoded to only work for 14.1. You can try other versions by changing the FLAVOUR variable in the script.


  • Dependencies install

First you need to setup the repository. Type the following to install them directly

./build --inst-dep

or the following to list the required dependencies.

./build --dependencies
  • Repository initialisation

To initialize the repository use the --init command.

./build --init

This step should only be done once and the script warns you if you are trying to initialize it again.

  • Build for a device (e.g. hammerhead)

To synchronize the repositories and build for hammerhead

./build hammerhead

You can replace hammerhead by your device.

The files are placed in the android/system/out/target/product/ subfolder

In a nutshell

./build --inst-dep			# Dependency install (Once)
./build --init			# Initialize repository (Once)
./build hammerhead			# Build for hammerhead


You are free to use, share, modify or even print this script without any restrictions but keep in mind that it comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Use at own risk.

If you find it useful, please share!