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#!../luaimg.linux.x86_64 -F
-- A script for generating mandelbrot images.
mb = nil
function mb_generate (sz, iters, bot_left, top_right)
sz = sz or vec(8192, 3072)
iters = iters or 500
bot_left = bot_left or vec(-2.5, 0)
top_right = top_right or vec(1.5, 1.5)
print("Generating mandelbrot set of size: "
-- 1 channel texture, no alpha channel
mb = make(sz, 1, function(pos)
local c = vec(lerp(bot_left.x, top_right.x, pos.x/sz.x),
lerp(bot_left.y, top_right.y, pos.y/sz.y))
local p = c
for i=1,iters do
p = vec(p.x*p.x - p.y*p.y, 2*p.x*p.y) + c
local len = #p
if len > 2 then
return i + 1 - math.log(math.log(len)) / math.log(2)
return 10000000000000
function mb_load() mb = open("mandelbrot.sfi") end
function mb_save() mb:save("mandelbrot.sfi") end
function visualise_simple ()
function visualise_blue1 ()
mb:map(3, function(m) m=14/m; return vec(1-m,1-m^2,1-m^10) end):save("mandelbrot_blue1.png")
function visualise_blue2 ()
mb:map(3, function(m) m=m/(20+m); return vec(m^10,m^2.5,m) end):save("mandelbrot_blue2.png")
print("Run this in the interpreter (luaimg -i -f mandelbrot.lua), then use:")
print(" mb_generate(sz, iters) --params are optional, defaults to vec(8192, 3072), 500")
print(" mb_load()")
print(" mb_save()")
print(" visualise_simple()")
print(" visualise_blue1()")
print(" visualise_blue2()")