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PoC code for "Deep Hypertext Implemented..."
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    distributed    revision    control
    implemented in regular expressions

      see ws10.pdf for the theory, or


    ctre.js   -   revision control engine
    test.html  - ctre.js in-browser tests
    demo4.html - ctre.js hello-world demo
    dhyt.js  -  web browser (HTML) bridge


  The technical agenda  of the project is to
  achieve  real-time  collaborative  editing
  features (Etherpad, Google Wave)  together
  with the  ability of  distributed revision
  control (like in the git), branches etc.

  The vision behind the technical details is
  the idea of deep hypertext, whose roots go
  all the way back to 60s and even 40s  when
  such great  thinkers as Vannevar Bush  and
  Theodor Holm Nelson  dreamed  up  lots  of
  exciting stuff. With the deep hypertext, a
  user is able to address  particular pieces
  in a changing text,  compare revisions and
  retrieve past versions, etc etc.

  The theory  that  connects  the vision and
  the technical  agenda  is quite  original.
  It is a proposed  successor to  the unholy 
  Operational Transformations herecy,  named
  Causal  Trees.  The mainstay  of the CT is
  that every character has an identity.
  Those characters are assembled into a text
  using a scheme based on  some relativistic
  space-time  cause-effect  concepts.   Read
  the article for the details.

  A  spicy detail is that  most (if not all)
  heavylifting is done by  regexes,  regular
  expressions. Parsing, mutating, searching,
  everything. Actually, vanilla regexes grew
  too  monstrous  over time, so I (gritzko)
   have introduced a macro language on top
       of regexes to write my formulas.
         That is a very special sort
           of witchcraft&wizardry,
              so read, hack and


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