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TodoMVC app using React.js+Swarm.js combo

This demo is a showcase for key features of the Swarm library:

  • isomorphic js (node.js server part does full page render)
  • real-time sync (open the exact same page in two tabs/browsers)
  • offline work (turn the internet off, then load the page :) )
  • caching (work offline, close the browser, open when online)

Step by step:

git clone
cd todomvc-swarm
npm install
npm start

...then open it http://localhost:8000/SomeTodoName

There is a blog post introducing the demo:

Normally, this demo is online at:

See our Twitter account at:

Feel free to contribute issues, bugfixes and feedback.

It is recommended to contact @gritzko before doing non-trivial pull requests.