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Polish language support for Ruby on Rails

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travis-ci stillmaintained

Polish language support for Ruby on Rails.

Adds correct polish pluralization and better date formats. Also includes support for standalone months. ("%B %Y" should be Grudzień 2009, but "%d. %B %Y" should be 24. grudnia 2009).

Based on Russian by yaroslav.


Warning: as of version 0.1.0, polish is only tested with Rails 3 and Bundler. Use with caution, might give unexpected results.

To add Polish to your Rails app, simply add it to your Gemfile:

gem "polish", ">= 0.1.0"

Additionally, if you change the backend of I18n, you will need to make sure it includes the Pluralization module:

I18n.backend.class.send(:include, I18n::Backend::Pluralization)

What it does

The main feature of polish is fixing the date formats. It does that by setting the date.month_names and date.day_names translations to Procs that can detect the proper form.

Polish also adds correct pluralization rules.


Translations and date formats can be overridden in config/locales/pl.yml

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