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Log output of server child processes to configured logfile #70

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Applies to: Burp 1.3.1 compiled from source

Link to mailing list thread:

The server child processes log to syslog and fill the output with lines containing

Mar 17 20:19:28 picard burp-server: 2012-03-17 20:19:28: 
burp-server[5753] got unchanged file: 
f f

This logging is excessive unless one is debugging Burp itself; according to the mailing thread, the code to change is in src/backup_phase2_server.c of the source, around line 196.

With respect to other logging, Burp should by default send logging output to syslog unless there is a logfile option in the configuration file or a -l command line switch.


Excessive logging removed, and syslog option added for 1.3.2 git.

The description above is slightly wrong.

If there is no logfile option, output will be on stdout. If the server has forked a child process and there is a suitable place to log to in a client storage directory, it will go there.
The syslog option makes all log entries additionally go to syslog. This is probably most useful for burp clients.
Previously, syslog was always on, which led to unnecessary duplicate log entries.

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