Automated deploy and maintenance

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Automated deploy with ansible

There is a feature complete set of roles created for ansible to manage burp, on the readmes of these you will get some help and also more help from generic-help

I have prepared a way to automatically deploy burp/burpui/burp_reports/burp_clients, with the intention to have a play button and magically get it working with all defaults just working and with automated tests so I'm sure it is working on every release:

The intention of it is to make easier the deployments / maintenance / upgrades of burpui.

On every release of each project I review all settings and try to ensure the deploy will work for upgrades, etc.

Here is the list of roles done for burp:



  • Configure Burp UI Agent
  • Configure burp restore service
  • Configure Burp manual delete
  • Configure Burp Autoupgrade
  • Activate clients from git repository
  • have tests automatic for restore, backup with test client
  • modify all setting for burp_server.conf
  • build burp from source and have option to choose which burp version build
  • Upgrade from source
  • profiles_templates from defaults, so anyone can set their own, and also with good defaults profiles: profile_lnxsrv, profile_win6x, profile_win6x_drp
  • burp2_add_manual_clients to have possibility to add clients from a list, also from command line
  • Automated travis import, with molecule test passed (ansible-lint, idempotence, etc) for centos/systemd, ubuntu/latest, debian/8 ** Tests master branch of burp when run with debian/8 (ansible_burp_server-master2 name in molecule.yml)
  • burp_server_custom_lines var (to manage your own lines in burp-server.conf)
  • Good defaults profiles with option to have your own profiles only copying profiles_templates var
  • Remove a client from a list burp_remove_clients
  • Ability to setup new port per operation (since burp 2.1.10)
  • add notify failure by email
  • add backup_script_tool from @deajan
  • better performance improvement for compiling time and option to change variable with configuration line


It allows to configure all features of burpui, also standalone and multi-agent mode. Support python2 and 3, Debian, Ubuntu, Centos7. Tests if burpui is working after setup.


It allows to install and configure all settings of a burp2_client. It's intended to use clientconfdir from server with incexc/profile_lnxsrv or any other profile created by you or deployed and created by ansible_burp2_server.

It also compiles from source, so you can choose which version of burp2 install, and not need to wait for any repository.

Supports Linux and FreeBSD, with tests for both platforms with molecule v2.


It install and configures scheduled tasks for

It configures the scheduled tasks to which burpui server target.


Pablo Estigarribia (@pablodav)


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