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Template repository for static websites with a build step, e.g. Jekyll, with the following features in mind

  • Repeatable, robust, automated CI / CD pipeline (CircleCI, Docker, GCP Container Registry, GCP Compute Engine)
  • Generic as possible
  • HTTPS (Let's Encrypt) with auto-renewal of certificates via CI / CD pipeline
  • Zero $
  • Lean codebase (makes heavy use of external "bootstrap" repository)

Example usages


If there are n repositories using test-website as a template, each change to a commonly used file in test-website, e.g. .circleci/config.yml needs to be repeated in each of the n repositories. (CircleCI does not currently support shared configuration across multiple projects)


  • make Kubernetes version of this repo (CircleCI and Gitlab)
  • remove redundant github pages wikis
  • health checks
  • document github pages wiki creation
  • blog post on documentation (readme vs wiki vs readthedocs) and github pages wiki vs github repo wiki
  • bash linter?
  • test docs on Mac OS and Linux
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