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wrapper around debootstrap
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Latest commit 536bf6d Jun 10, 2016 @mika mika Release new version 0.75
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debian Release new version 0.75 Jun 10, 2016
docker Docker setup for automated builds + environment for testing Jul 9, 2015
images Update screenshot Apr 16, 2007
packer packer: improve support for testing local grml-debootstrap version Jun 10, 2015
tests vim modeline: set shiftwidth to a less insane value Oct 13, 2011
.gitignore Initial packer/vagrant/autotest setup May 8, 2014
Makefile Resolve now unused bootgrub.mksh (issue #90) Feb 22, 2016 Initial (esp. for Github users) Apr 19, 2014
TODO Support --vmfile and --vmsize command line options for deploying a vi… May 30, 2011
Vagrantfile packer/Vagrant: make jessie the new default Debian release Jun 5, 2015
chroot-script Add EFI support via --efi <device> option Apr 13, 2016
cmdlineopts.clp Add EFI support via --efi <device> option Apr 13, 2016
config Use official redirector address [1] Jun 17, 2015
devices.tar.gz Fix grub-install usage, update devices.tar.gz Aug 29, 2008
grml-debootstrap Add EFI support via --efi <device> option Apr 13, 2016
grml-debootstrap.8.txt Add EFI support via --efi <device> option Apr 13, 2016
locale.gen Adjust locale handling (LANG/LANGUAGE) to match with Debian wheezy de… Jul 29, 2014
packages package selection: replace dhcp3-client with isc-dhcp-client Oct 13, 2014
releasetable-man.txt Add stretch to release-table and update lenny installation instructions Jun 6, 2015
releasetable.txt Add support for installation of Debian stretch (issue #77) May 8, 2015
zsh-completion Drop support for Etch, simplify grub handling Oct 29, 2009


This tool is a wrapper suite around debootstrap and cdebootstrap to ease installation of a pure Debian system.

Configuration can be done on the command line, in a dialog frontend or in /etc/debootstrap/config. You will get a pure Debian system installed on the specified device or directory, or directly into an image file suitable for Virtual Machine use.

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