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Why grml-gen-zshrefcard?
It's a tedious to document the same code in two different places.
Therefore grml-gen-zshrefcard is our poor-man's-doxygen for our zshrc.
How does it work?
It (the Perl script creates a new latex source file for
our zsh-refcard from the zshrc itself and a tex input file
How do I work with it?
% cd ~/src/grml
% git clone git://
% git clone git://
% cd grml-gen-zshrefcard
% make test
The format of the inline documentation comments is described at the
top of etc/zsh/zshrc in grml-etc-core. Additional information about
the replacement tokens in can be found at the
top of the script.
Make your changes to grml-etc-core and check if you're happy with the
result of 'make test'. Only changes to the meta-information at the top
of the refcard should go into grml-gen-zshrefcard.