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Remove resolved/deprecated items from TODO file

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1 parent aff41fa commit 20c5aed355fcaf29f6461af3ab05c4ac8edc7e82 @mika mika committed Jan 13, 2012
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@@ -3,18 +3,12 @@ TODO list for grml-live
Patches, ideas and feedback welcome.
-* provide an option to extract a given grml-ISO as basic chroot system for
- further building actions (might be import for "let’s base our work on the last
- rc of grml")
* if a stage fails inside grml-live the stage is skipped on next execution → try
to find a better way how to clean up the stage and re-execute it again
* support something like a directory /etc/grml/fai/chroot_packages to install
additional Debian packages without the need for a Debian repository
-* add support for ppc?
* support multiple kernel versions installed in one single live-system
* Provide different interfaces for easy and common use of grml-live:

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