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Drop unused NFSROOT configuration file

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1 parent 8cfed16 commit 6dcd837e7f4b15d08fb30abd7cee58c959210890 @mika mika committed May 20, 2012
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  1. +2 −7 docs/grml-live.txt
  2. +0 −34 etc/grml/fai/NFSROOT
9 docs/grml-live.txt
@@ -400,10 +400,6 @@ GRML_FAI_CONFIG=/etc/grml/fai/config - both pointing to a directory shipped by
grml-live out-of-the-box so you shouldn't have to configure anything in this
-This file specifies the package list for creating the NFSROOT.
The main directory for configuration of FAI/grml-live. More details below.
@@ -471,8 +467,7 @@ temporary files), if you plan to use GRML_FULL you should have at least 4GB of
total free disk space
* fast network access for retrieving the Debian packages used for creating the
-chroot (check out "local mirror" and "NFSROOT" to workaround this problem as far
-as possible)
+chroot (check out "local mirror" to workaround this problem as far as possible)
For further information see next section.
@@ -610,7 +605,7 @@ Can I use my own (local) Debian mirror?
Yes. Set up an according sources.list configuration as class file in
${GRML_FAI_CONFIG}/config/files/etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and adjust the variable
-FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP (if not already using NFSROOT's base.tgz) inside
+FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP (if not already using a base.tgz) inside
/etc/grml/grml-live.conf[.local]. If you're setting up your own class file don't
forget to include the class name in the class list (grml-live -c ...).
34 etc/grml/fai/NFSROOT
@@ -1,34 +0,0 @@
-# package list for creating the NFSROOT
-PACKAGES install
-fai-nfsroot module-init-tools isc-dhcp-client ssh rdate lshw hwinfo portmap
-bootpc rsync lftp rsh-client less dump reiserfsprogs usbutils
-hwinfo psmisc pciutils hdparm smartmontools parted mdadm lvm2
-dnsutils ntpdate dosfstools xfsprogs xfsdump
-procinfo dialog discover mdetect
-expect iproute udev
-# needed for the simple examples
-# cfengine2 libapt-pkg-perl
-# architecture dependend list of packages that are installed
-PACKAGES install I386
-grub-pc lilo read-edid
-linux-image-486 unionfs-modules-2.6-486
-PACKAGES install AMD64
-grub-pc lilo
-linux-image-2.6-amd64 unionfs-modules-2.6-amd64
-PACKAGES install IA64
-elilo gnu-efi efibootmgr
-silo sparc-utils

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