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@@ -400,63 +400,13 @@ I've a question which isn't answered by this document
Don't hesitate to ask on IRC (channel #grml on or just drop me
a mail: <>
-Known TODOs
-* the template system isn't flexible enough yet: provide support for different
-flavours, allow longer version number
-* support something like a directory /etc/grml/fai/packages to install
-additional Debian packages without the need for a Debian repository
-* provide hooks/options for updating an existing chroot/squashfs-file/ISO
-(work in progress, see patches directory inside source)
-* document the available classes in more detail (GRMLBASE, LATEX_CLEANUP,
-* add a check to make sure $TARGET is mounted rw,suid,dev?
-* add support for ppc [formorer?] (and identify all packages
-that are arch specific so we have a clean package list in all classes)
-* support signed apt repositories (currently it's deactivated via FAI's
-FAI_ALLOW_UNSIGNED=1 for some packages in the toolchain)
-* support "final builds" (including stuff like generating md5sums, gpg,... -
-create a grml_release-directory including all the details about the build
-process like dpkg selection, logs,...)
-* the grml-live class(es) should send output to stdout and stderr as used inside
-FAI as well (so it's not as verbose unless you specify it, make it configurable
-though); check for errors inside the logs then as well
-* provide possibility for cleanup of all created build directories and
-a smart summary of the buildprocess (including "took ... minutes/seconds to
-* check out how FAI_DEBMIRROR of /etc/grml/fai/fai.conf could be merged with our
-MIRROR_DIRECTORY and MIRROR_SOURCES feature of /etc/grml/grml-live.conf
-* support hooks to allow further customisation of the build process
-Long term goals
-* Provide all upcoming grml releases based on grml-live.
-* Provide a console interface (using dialog) for easy and common use of
-* Provide a graphical interface (for example using pygtk) for easy and common
-use of grml-live.
Download / install grml-live as a Debian package
Debian packages are available through the grml-repository at
link:[]. If you want to
-build a Debian package of the most current version on your own, just execute:
+build a Debian package on your own (using for example a specific version or the
+current development tree), just execute:
hg clone
cd grml-live
@@ -468,6 +418,12 @@ Source
The source of grml-live is available at
+TODO list
+Check out link:[grml-live@grml-wiki]
+for details.

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