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document ethdevice-timeout cheatcode

Closes: issue1153
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1 templates/GRML/grml-cheatcodes.txt
@@ -204,6 +204,7 @@ grml nolvm Disable scanning for Logical Volumes (LVM)
grml lvm Automatically activate Logival Volumes (LVM) during boot
grml readonly Make sure all harddisk devices (/dev/hd* /dev/sd*) are forced to read-only mode
grml ethdevice=... Use specified network device for network boot instead of default (eth0)
+grml ethdevice-timeout=... Use specified network configuration timeout instead of default (15sec)
grml xmodule=ati|fbdev|i810|mga Use specified (1)
grml xmodule=nv|radeon|savage|s3 Use specified (2)
grml xmodule=radeon|svga|i810 Use specified (3)

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