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grml-cheatcodes: adjust live image path for new live-boot default

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mika committed Feb 26, 2013
1 parent 1d82b15 commit d9029ce98652ec55956d4cd9fd8d5ed7a407b553
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@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ grml tohd=/dev/sda1 Copy Grml's squashfs file to harddisk partit
use via "grml bootfrom=/dev/sda1"
grml bootfrom=/dev/sda1 Use the squashfs file from directory 'live' of the specified device
Setup can be done booting 'grml tohd=/dev/sda1' or
- running 'rsync -a --progress /live/image/live /media/sda1/'
+ running 'rsync -a --progress /lib/live/mount/medium/live /media/sda1/'
grml bootfrom=removable Restrict search for the live media to removable type only.
grml bootfrom=removable-usb Restrict search for the live media to usb mass storage only.
grml isofrom=/dev/sda1/grml.iso Use specified ISO image for booting

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