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+TODO list for grml-live
+Patches, ideas and feedback welcome.
+* provide an option to extract a given grml-ISO as basic chroot system for
+ further building actions (might be import for "let’s base our work on the last
+ rc of grml")
+* if a stage fails inside grml-live the stage is skipped on next execution → try
+ to find a better way how to clean up the stage and re-execute it again
+* support something like a directory /etc/grml/fai/chroot_packages to install
+ additional Debian packages without the need for a Debian repository
+* add support for ppc (formorer?)
+* identify all packages that are arch specific so we have a clean package list
+ in all classes
+* support signed apt repositories (currently it’s deactivated via FAI’s
+ FAI_ALLOW_UNSIGNED=1 for some repositories/packages in the toolchain)
+* the /etc/runlevel.conf stuff isn’t flexible enough: adjust the file on-the-fly
+ according to what software is used/installed on the system
+* amd64: if /emul/ia32-linux/lib does not exist mksquashfs fails with ‘no such
+ file or directory’ because of the dangling symlink /lib32 inside grml_chroot;
+ current fix: install ia32-libs on the system where you are running grml-live
+ (recheck: problem still present?)
+* check out how FAI_DEBMIRROR of /etc/grml/fai/fai.conf could be merged with our
+ MIRROR_DIRECTORY and MIRROR_SOURCES feature of /etc/grml/grml-live.conf
+* support multiple kernel versions (currently the build-process might fail if
+ more than 1 kernel and 1 initrd is present)
+* Provide different interfaces for easy and common use of grml-live:
+ - a console interface (using dialog/stfl/...)
+ - a graphical interface (for example using pygtk)
+ - a web interface

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