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docs: update list of supported Debian suites

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6 docs/grml-live.txt
@@ -205,9 +205,9 @@ Specify name of the release.
Specify the Debian suite you want to use for your live-system. Defaults to
"squeeze" (being current Debian/stable). Supported values are: etch, lenny,
-squeeze, sid. Debian "squeeze" requires a recent base.tgz
-(${GRML_FAI_CONFIG}/config/basefiles/$CLASSNAME.tar.gz) or a recent version of
+squeeze, wheezy, sid. Please be aware that recent Debian suites might require a
+recent base.tgz (${GRML_FAI_CONFIG}/config/basefiles/$CLASSNAME.tar.gz) or a
+recent version of debootstrap.
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