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Commits on Jul 8, 2011
  1. @mika

    Release new version 0.15.0.

    mika authored
    Signed-off-by: Michael Prokop <>
  2. @mika
  3. @mika
  4. @mika
  5. @mika

    Add to sources.list of lenny, squeezy, wheezy, st…

    mika authored
    …able and testing.
    Thanks: Christian Hofstaedtler <>
  6. @mika

    GRMLBASE scripts: run all fcopy commands in verbose mode.

    mika authored
    We want to be able to catch in the logs as much information as
    possible, therefore be as verbose as possible.
  7. @mika

    Redesign sources.list handling. Get rid of /etc/grml/fai/apt/sources.…

    mika authored
    Main changes:
    * no longer recursively deploy /etc/apt via fcopy
    * /etc/grml/fai/apt/sources.list is gone
    * /etc/apt/sources.list will no longer use entries from
      GRML_LIVE_SOURCES once the system has been initially installed
    More details:
    As we get rid of /etc/grml/fai/apt/sources.list we finally manage
    to no longer magically touch grml-live's configuration files WRT
    sources.list handling.
    Instead the set up of sources.list happens as follows:
    is generated based on $GRML_LIVE_SOURCES (iff set by the user,
    otherwise it falls back to sane defaults using grml repos and the
    according Debian suite). This GRML_LIVE_SOURCES_LIST file then
    gets deployed on *fresh* deployments. It won't be reused anymore
    for the existing installation, so if you run grml-live with the
    "-u" option the system will keep /etc/apt/sources.list as it is
    as well as the files inside /etc/apt/sources.list.d/. This
    provides more flexibility combined with a more transparent and
    consistent behaviour for the user.
    Then /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list will be set up based on
    the detected Debian suite and the files from
    Finally /etc/apt/sources.list/grml-stable.list will be deployed
    and depending on the build type also
    /etc/apt/sources.list.d/grml-testing.list might be installed.
  8. @mika

    Update apt preferences: always use live-boot* packages from Grml.

    mika authored
    If the grml-testing repository is NOT enabled then live-boot
    might be installed from Debian/unstable during updates.
    That's something we don't want, so make sure apt pinning
    always prefers our own version.
  9. @mika
Commits on Jul 7, 2011
  1. @mika
  2. @mika
Commits on Jul 6, 2011
  1. @mika

    GRMLBASE/37-portmap: do not touch /etc/default/portmap if the file do…

    mika authored
    …es not exist.
    Nowadays we have rpcbind, so there's no need to create
    /etc/default/portmap any longer.
  2. @mika

    SW: Add partclone to GRML_FULL.

    mika authored
Commits on Jun 29, 2011
  1. @mika
  2. @mika
Commits on Jun 28, 2011
  1. @mika

    debconf/GRMLBASE: drop wicd preseeding to avoid errors with installat…

    mika authored
    Preseeding wicd with a user that doesn't exist *yet*
    causes wicd to fai installation with:
    | Setting up wicd-daemon (1.7.0+ds1-6) ...
    | adduser: The user `grml' does not exist.
    | dpkg: error processing wicd-daemon (--configure):
    |  subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
    | dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of wicd-gtk:
    |  wicd-gtk depends on wicd-daemon (= 1.7.0+ds1-6); however:
    |   Package wicd-daemon is not configured yet.
    | dpkg: error processing wicd-gtk (--configure):
    |  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
    | configured to not write apport reports
    | dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of wicd:
    |  wicd depends on wicd-daemon (= 1.7.0+ds1-6); however:
    |   Package wicd-daemon is not configured yet.
    |  wicd depends on wicd-gtk (= 1.7.0+ds1-6) | wicd-curses (= 1.7.0+ds1-6) | wicd-cli (= 1.7.0+ds1-6) | wicd-client; however:
    |   Package wicd-gtk is not configured yet.
    |   Package wicd-curses is not installed.
    |   Package wicd-cli is not installed.
    |   Package wicd-client is not installed.
    |   Package wicd-gtk which provides wicd-client is not configured yet.
    | dpkg: error processing wicd (--configure):
    |  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
  2. @mika

    scripts/ force confmiss and confnew options when in…

    mika authored
    …stalling package so automated installation works when having modified configuration files.
  3. @mika
  4. @mika
Commits on Jun 27, 2011
  1. move /run, /var/run, /var/lock exclusion to mksquashfs

    Christian Hofstaedtler authored
    Everything else doesn't appear to work correct in all cases.
  2. turn on wildcard support for mksquashfs excludes

    Christian Hofstaedtler authored
  3. Drop * expansion from mksquashfs call

    Christian Hofstaedtler authored
    This prevented excludes from working at all.
  4. fix SQUASHFS_EXCLUDES_FILE default not being set

    Christian Hofstaedtler authored
  5. update SQUASHFS_EXCLUDES_FILE example to match code

    Christian Hofstaedtler authored
  6. @mrud

    Don't remove pid files in $target/var/run as it is deleted afterwards…

    mrud authored
    … anyway.
    In some Debian suits $target/var/run is not present as /run was introduced.
    If the specified directory does not exist find will return an error and the script
    will fail.
  7. @mika
  8. @mika

    SW: Add firmware-brcm80211 to GRML_FULL and GRML_MEDIUM. [Closes: iss…

    mika authored
    Thanks to Pawel Sadkowski for the suggestion.
Commits on Jun 26, 2011
  1. @mika
  2. @mika
  3. @mika

    Add for github.

    mika authored
  4. @mika
  5. @mika

    Rename scripts/GRMLBASE/10-build-initramfs to scripts/GRMLBASE/10-con…

    mika authored
    …figure-initramfs to reflect current state of action.
  6. @mika
  7. @mika

    Implement -D option to set configuration directory; fai.conf: don't s…

    mika authored
    …et variables grml-live is setting via cmdline now; provide new scripts to deploy configuration files (/etc/inittab, /etc/locale.gen, /etc/modules); rework and adapt cleanup scripts accordingly [Closes: issue880]
    Get rid of /etc/grml/fai/config/grml/grml-cleanup_chroot*.  and
    also drop deprecated checks. Do NOT clean up /home/grml and /root
    unless using the RELEASE class.  This might make some users happy
    I guess. :)
    Deploy /etc/inittab, /etc/locale.gen and /etc/modules using
    according fcopy commands.
    Now shipping new scripts GRMLBASE/16-depmod, GRMLBASE/41-modules,
    GRMLBASE/91-update-pciids, GRMLBASE/92-update-freshclam,
    GRML_SMALL/90-update-alternatives, GRML_SMALL/98-clean-chroot,
    RELEASE/98-clean-chroot, REMOVE_DOCS/98-clean-chroot and
    While at it build
    /etc/grml/fai/config/files/etc/apt/sources.list/GRMLBASE based on
    /etc/grml/fai/apt/sources.list to get rid of editing config files
    on the fly.
    This is a major Q/A rework, giving the user a much better
    handling of scripts using FAI's class concept.
Commits on Jun 24, 2011
  1. No longer install PuTTY and other windows binaries

    Christian Hofstaedtler authored
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