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beta Disable Continuous Integration Build for now
bugs mention mgag200 modeset issue under known bugs
changelogs Fix changelogs page for new release
cheatcodes More renames and updates
config Update grml-autoconfig doc
console More renames and updates
contact mass rename/edit
copyright Some conversions
daily include grml-small ISOs, rename grml to grml-full
doc Add redirects
docs mass rename/edit
donations mass rename/edit
download Update size information for new stable release
errors Some conversions
faq Update faq for 2014.11 release
features Slightly about the "About" section
files Fix name of grml-debian-keyring package
grml-debootstrap Update grml-debootstrap docs webpage
grml-forensic Add redirects
grml-live Update grml-live doc files
grml-x initial import
grml2usb Update grml2usb files
history Fix references to changelog URLs that changed with switch to tt2
img Update FAQ for new release
irc Add redirects
kantan initial import
mailinglist Add redirects
meetings mass rename/edit
mercurial initial import
online-docs initial import
order order page: update URL, drop dead linuxcd URL
php-mailer initial import
policy initial import
ppc mass rename/edit
press press: Grml 2014.11 shipped on DVD of german Linux User magazine 02/2015
qemu mass rename/edit
raid initial import
rc Add redirects
reports Some conversions
screenshots Screenshot data for 2014.11 release
scripts Remove missing files from grml-www -> migration
small mass rename/edit
software Add redirects
solutions Add redirects
sponsors Fix variable
support More renames and updates
survey2011-results mass rename/edit
survey2011 Add redirects
team Move Markus Rekkenbeil from core team to contributors
terminalserver mass rename/edit
tips Update tips/ to latest grml-tips.git state
user-survey initial import
who-is-using mass rename/edit
xen initial import
zsh-pony initial import
zsh Update grmlzshrc.html
.gitignore Cleanup gitignore
.htaccess initial import initial README file for github
banner.png initial import
favicon.ico initial import
favicon.png initial import
gen_website use require instead of use
index.html.tt2 Update startpage for new stable release 2014.11
robots.txt initial import Drop broken Google search box also load the stats page from via the correct protocol
style.css fix background truncation on frontpage

This repository contains the website of the Grml project, located at

If you notice any issues please feel free to send us pull-requests.

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