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<div class="news">
+ <p>02 Apr 2013: <a href="">grml-zshrc: new prompt feature</a></p>
<p>28 Feb 2013: <a href="">Warning: broken grml96-full_2013.02.iso download</a></p>
<p>27 Feb 2013: New <a href="/changelogs/README-grml-2013.02/">stable release version 2013.02</a> is available <a href="/download/">for download</a></p>
<p>18 Feb 2013: Release candidate version <a href="/changelogs/README-grml-2013.02-rc1/">2013.02-rc1</a> available</p>
<p>06 Jun 2012: New Grml developer: Markus Rekkenbeil</p>
<p>29 May 2012: New <a href="/changelogs/README-grml-2012.05/">stable release version 2012.05</a> is available <a href="/download/">for download</a></p>
- <p>17 May 2012: Release candidate version <a href="/changelogs/README-grml-2012.05-rc1/">2012.05-rc1</a> available</p>

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