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Disable Continuous Integration Build for now

The grml-full-amd64 job isn't active on the new Jenkins system yet,
avoid the 404...
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commit a6e6d23c928be2a310ce6b4d6396c72459934891 1 parent 2e3f4c1
@mika mika authored
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4 beta/index.html.tt2
@@ -36,13 +36,15 @@
<p><a href="">Daily builds</a> mostly reflect
development of the next Grml release. These builds are not tested.</p>
+ <!--
<h2>Continuous Integration Build</h2>
<p>Our CI system builds a special version of the Grml amd64
flavour after every Grml git code change. This build is usually not
tested and includes experimental code that may not have been tested
either and that may never be released.
- <a href="">See here.</a></p>
+ <a href="">See here.</a></p>
+ -->
<h2>Release Candidates</h2>
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