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Further clarification for the new --codecs flag

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@@ -11,12 +11,22 @@ A spec for .har files can be found here:
If you wish to implement a new codec and test it, there are two easy approaches.
1) Develop it in python, and load it into a module. An examination of should show how this is done. is a good example.
2) Develop it in whatever language, and use the 'fork_codec' module to fork-exec
it in a separate process, and communicate to/from it with pipes. A short example
of a program that could be fork-exec'd is '', which accepts
HTTP1 formatted input from stdin, and produces 8-byte unsigned int-followed by
compressed-payload for each HTTP frame on stdout.
+In either case, you can include your compression module from the command-line.
+The following example loads,, and,
+which in turn launches
+ ./ \
+ --codecs="http1_gzip,spdy4_codec,fork_codec=\"$PWD/\""
+ The format of the "--codecs" parameter is:
+ --codecs=(module_name[="module_params"])*
You can gather a .har file for a session you wish to analyze with Chome's
Developer Tools:

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